Connect.’s Office Design Wins the Oxford Workplace Innovation Challenge

Oxford Properties challenged four teams of leading designers and contractors to their Oxford Workplace Innovation Challenge at the 200 Bay building in downtown Toronto. Each team was directed to create a beautiful yet functional, and intuitive workspace that meets the needs of the ever-changing workforce.

Design and furniture specialists, Connect. rallied a strong team to inspire and bring their beautifully functioning modern office vision to life. BVN Architects, Mulvey & Banani and Salex were chosen to bring their expertise in design, electrical engineering and lighting to create one striking office space.

Connect. relied on Salex to distribute and facilitate the appropriate office lighting. To capture the modern design vision and create an eye-catching feature when guests visit the space, we selected Axis Lighting’s Ring pendants to illuminate the meeting rooms. Salex additionally brought in Liteline’s cylinder pendants to discreetly illuminate the open plan office and collaborative spaces.

We were thrilled to take part in the challenge with Connect. to design an office that challenges the norm for creative workplace design, employee collaboration and future growth. Congratulations, Connect. and team!

Photography credit: Dale Wilcox Photography