Prince Arthur’s Landing Wins 2016 OAA Design Excellence Award

Prince Arthur’s Landing, a project we worked on at Marina Park in Thunder Bay, Ontario, recently won its 20th award. The project was named a recipient of the 2016 Ontario Association of Architects (OAA) Design Excellence Award, an award that demonstrates outstanding practice in creativity, context, sustainability, good business and legacy.

Prince Arthur’s Landing incorporates a network of buildings, landscapes, activities and public art designed holistically to express the deep cultural roots of the Thunder Bay waterfront, acknowledging the area’s rich history of Aboriginal settlement on the Lake Superior shoreline.

Key buildings including the Water Garden Pavilion and the Baggage Building Arts Centre – both LEED Gold certified – create important year-round destinations for recreation, culture and the arts. Since opening, the site has seen five times the number of visitors and the creation of nine new local businesses. 

As the main lighting supplier on the project, we worked closely with architects Brook McIlroy to help fulfill their creative vision. The lighting on the pier was designed to mark and set mood, while the lighting surrounding the Arts Centre and skating rink was for general purpose and flexibility. The goal was to convey a feeling of calm and tranquility, encouraging an inviting and user-friendly outdoor environment.

Several different types of fixtures were used from manufacturers WE-EF, ERCO and Tehomet. In some areas, architectural wooden poles were selected to mount fixtures, allowing for a landscape lighting design that truly embraced its natural surrounding.

Congratulations to Brook McIlroy on winning the 2016 OAA Design Excellence Award for your Prince Arthur’s Landing project! We are honoured to have worked with you on it.

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