Project Details

Lighting Design/Specifier:  Jump Branding & Design
Manufacturers:  Amerlux,  David Trubridge,  Neidhardt,  SGi Lighting,  VISO
Photography:  Light Monkey Photography

With Jump Branding & Design, we illuminated Brar’s, a vegetarian restaurant in Brampton, Ontario.

The restaurant’s main dining room is primarily lit using Neidhardt’s RPD06 R1 and the Koura by David Trubridge. The RPD06 was selected to create focused, ambient downlight, while the Koura, inspired by woven baskets, added subtle pockets of colour to the restaurant’s interior.

For a playful yet sophisticated touch, several of VISO’s Ruskii Twist were suspended over the bar. VISO’s Ulee and Amerlux’s Hornet HP LED track heads were also used. To illuminate the restaurant’s exterior signage, we chose SGi Lighting’s LED Flex Light for its ingenious flexible design and ability to uniformly brighten challenging locations.

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