CHAZ Yorkville Condos

Project Details

Lighting Design/Specifier:  Land Art Design
Manufacturers:  Ares,  Cole Lighting,  Selux,  SGi Lighting,  WE-EF
Photography:  Light Monkey Photography

The CHAZ Yorkville Condos are located in a quiet residential area of the dynamic Yonge and Bloor neighbourhood in Toronto.

Working with Land Art Design, we illuminated the building’s landscape with a curated selection of fixtures from Selux, WE-EF, SGi, Cole and Ares. Exelia columns from Selux were installed on slight but varying angles to seamlessly mesh with the playful seating and décor in front of the CHAZ.

In addition to Exelia, Selux’s Olivio Medio bollard and Olivio Candelabra post top were used throughout the communal terrace. The lounge area on the terrace was illuminated with the DAC220 downlight from WE-EF and SGi Lighting’s LED Flex Light UltraBright was used to brighten challenging areas, such as beneath benches.

The 2158 Steplite from Cole Lighting was chosen for its ultra low profile, excellent light distribution and rugged construction. To illuminate the driveway tunnel to the parking garage, we used the reliable Alfia from Ares.

Electrical Engineer: MCW Consultants

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