KPMB Architects Office

Project Details

Architect:  KPMB Architects
Lighting Design/Specifier:  Mulvey & Banani
Manufacturers:  Artemide
Photography:  Maris Mezulis

KPMB is an internationally renowned Canadian design firm that specializes in architecture, interior design, master planning, and workplace strategy. KPMB’s project work has been continuously recognized for architectural excellence, with over 300 awards received to date. Their designs prioritize the quality of the human experience through the creation of vibrant communities and sustainable cities and places. 

That’s why when KPMB readied for a move to a new office space located on the 12th floor of Toronto’s Globe and Mail Centre, the company hoped to design a sophisticated space that could reflect their company culture, design philosophy, and encourage teamwork and brainstorming. 

A panoramic view of the city and Lake Ontario was the inspiration behind KPMB’s dramatic design of a continuous and fully accessible perimeter within the office space. With lighting design led by Mulvey & Banani, Salex was enlisted to advise on appropriate lighting that could complement and unite design features.

Artemide’s Alphabet of Light System was chosen to illuminate several spaces throughout the new King East space. The fixture was integrated into the café space to beautifully highlight the white oak interior. To encourage more teamwork and brainstorming, the fixture was also infused into the design to create a unique shape of light in the open seating area. Finally, the lighting fixture also illuminates the long conference room table, which was designed in a long oval shape to suspend over the meeting space. The integration of the same fixture, repurposed throughout multiple spaces, creates a unified lighting look throughout the office. 

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