Project Details

Lighting Design/Specifier:  Gensler,  The Hidi Group
Manufacturers:  Delta Light,  VIBIA Light
Photography:  Tom Arban Photography Inc.

Lighting design can help define a space – and a brand. A global leader in designing and executing brand loyalty programs, LoyaltyOne is a rapidly growing company at the heart of a dynamic development in Toronto’s King East Design District. Housed on six floors of a 16-story “smart” building, their newest headquarters is home to more than 1,000 associates, and features leading-edge technology and design components.

For LoyaltyOne’s new chapter, Salex collaborated with Gensler and The HIDI Group to create a cutting-edge and collaborative lighting design within the new office space. Eliminating individual offices, the new headquarters employs an entirely open concept, with separate spaces for group and focus work.

Within the communal space, VIBIA Light’s Wireflow was used to provide a connected feel and a modern yet decorative visual focal point. Conference rooms were illuminated with SUPER-OH fixtures from Delta Light. Featuring an intense cluster of LEDS, the perfectly curved circular fixtures supply powerful, yet balanced light output.

For those spaces that required more integrated lighting, RENDEZ-VOUS fixtures from Delta Light were selected, and seamlessly worked into walls and ceilings. Delta Light’s Spitline were also used throughout the offices to effortlessly complement architectural details while connecting various spaces. To illuminate select areas, hanging lamps – Halo Lineal from VIBIA Light – added beams of LED.

Reflecting the look of LoyaltyOne’s other global offices, the finished headquarters combines a consistent lighting look and feel with distinctive design.