Project Details

Lighting Design/Specifier:  360 Design Works Inc.,  Hidi Rae
Manufacturers:  Lumenwerx

A global technology company, Ricoh has been transforming the way people work for over 80 years. Continuously empowering both companies and individuals to work smarter through its innovative products and services, the brand is well recognized for its long history of introducing transformative technologies into the workplace. So, when it came time to outfit its own offices, Ricoh sought a lighting solution that would be as dynamic as the company itself, capable of meeting a multitude of lighting functions as well as the evolving needs of the organization.

As Ricoh works primarily with printers and high-end marketing material, the company was in need of a tailored lighting design that could highlight the shades and colors of the prints displayed. Working with Hidi Rae and 360 Design Works Inc., Salex turned to tunable white technology to create a lighting solution that would best complement the company’s offerings, as well as its bright and modern workspace. Flexible and highly efficient, Lumenwerx Via fixtures were selected as the ideal vehicle for this function; installed across the space, these fixtures, in combination with the tunable white technology, allow precise control over colour temperature and intensity throughout the Ricoh offices. Demonstrating how tunable white technology can be integrated to create innovative and impactful spaces, this unique application at Ricoh offers a look into the future of office lighting design.