Salex Office

Project Details

Architect:  e-Lumen
Lighting Design/Specifier:  Salex
Manufacturers:  Axis Lighting,  Cole Lighting,  Delta Light,  ERCO,  Insight Lighting,  LSI-Industries,  Selux,  Visioneering,  WE-EF,  Zumtobel
Photography:  Light Monkey Photography

With a need to increase space for staff and continued plans to expand the business, Salex moved operations and designed a new office space that would better display key manufacturing partners’ products, without giving the impression of a showroom.

Given the popularity and increasing demand for LED lighting fixtures, we decided to design our new space using only LED lights, as a way to lower energy consumption in the building and to take advantage of all the benefits of LED. The space, which was originally an industrial warehouse, utilizes a variety of LED luminaires, control systems and approaches to lighting in a single space. It is the first and only such building in the Greater Toronto Area. The unique and modern office space consumes approximately .7w/sq. ft. at normal day time lighting levels, which is well below ASHRAE standards. The new Salex office serves as a model of what good lighting design and smart LED products are capable of when used together.