The Big Carrot Community Market

Project Details

Lighting Design/Specifier:  Dark Tools
Manufacturers:  Lumenwerx

Since 1983, The Big Carrot Community Market has helped create a healthy society by providing communities with quality, sustainable food and increasing awareness of healthy nutrition and lifestyle choices. A worker-owned initiative, the company’s mission is to encourage the informed and easy selection of natural foods, while also supporting local, organic producers. As part of this commitment to creating exceptional community experiences, the company turned to Salex to bring bright and inviting lighting that would complement the interior design of its newest location, a 6,300 square foot space in Toronto’s Upper Beaches neighbourhood.

In collaboration with Dark Tools, Salex installed Lumenwerx Squero Direct/Indirect linear fixtures to light the grocery store aisles and create a welcoming atmosphere for community members. The direct linear lighting of this Lumenwerx illumination system design produced a pleasant visual environment, while its indirect lighting filled the space and created an energizing ambience. Sleek and modern, the Squero fixture made it possible to showcase a wide selection of high quality local goods and to realize the design concept of the project. The finished result is a holistic and welcoming space that encourages community members to commit to healthy lifestyle habits.