Trent University Student Centre

Project Details

Architect:  Teeple Architects
Lighting Design/Specifier:  Consullux Lighting Consultants
Manufacturers:  Amerlux,  Axis Lighting,  DeltaLight
Photography:  Latreille Architectural Photography

Established in 1964, Trent University is recognized across Canada as a leading public liberal arts and science-oriented learning institution. Combining collaborative community engagement with a respected educational curriculum, the university has found its unique approach to personal development in more demand than ever.

Consullux Lighting Consultants, working together with Teeple Architects, crafted a lighting solution that would complement the school’s airy atmosphere and respect the university’s budget.

Axis Lighting’s Sculpt Series pendants were used to light the hallways and common areas at Trent University.  Supplied by Axis, these Y-shaped fixtures offer unique geometric lighting, creating simple but sophisticated configurations. When it came to lighting the study spaces and classrooms, Amerlux Hornet Downlights were also used alongside Axis Lighting’s Beam 2 and Beam 4 Series for ambient lighting that would enhance the academic experience for staff and students.

At the exterior, pathways leading to the main entrance of the university were illuminated with Monopol Bollards from Delta Light; creating a focused spread of light on the ground, these LED fixtures ensure a bright, warm welcome for student, staff and visitors alike.