Vena Solutions

Project Details

Lighting Design/Specifier:  KAVE Architects,  WSP Group
Manufacturers:  Amerlux Lighting,  Axis Lighting,  Beghelli,  Delta Light,  Legrand,  Liteline Corporation,  LSI Industries,  SGi Lighting,  Visa Lighting,  VISO
Photography:  Nicola Betts Photography

Innovative approaches to lighting can both repurpose and revive a space. As industrial warehouses are increasingly converted into modern offices, Vena Solutions, an enterprise corporate performance management software, was drawn to one such space in the heart of Liberty Village in downtown Toronto. Once the home of the Canada Bread Factory and Dyson Tool & Dye, the building offers both rich heritage and open space that can accommodate Vena Solutions’ rapidly expanding business.

Working hand-in-hand with WSP Group and KAVE Architects, Salex Inc. recommended lighting that would modernize, yet maintain the distinct feel of the space. Rows of linear lighting create a sense of rhythmic repetition, which is mirrored by the existing black steel trusses and the vast symmetrical array of desks. These minimalistic fixtures serve to merge the building’s disparate elements – exposed brick, wood flooring and graffiti walls – together into a cohesive setting. As a result, the finished space features a unique style that holds true to the heritage, while adding a contemporary office feel.

Light fixtures include:

Open office areas, kitchen, corridors and main boardroom: Black TwinBeam2 LED linear suspension by Axis Lighting

Reception desk: Black Beam2 Custom LED  “V”  suspension by Axis Lighting

Private offices: White Beam3 suspension by Axis Lighting

Kitchen and waiting areas: Boxy XL pendant by Delta Light

Eating area: Rehea LED pendant by VISO

Under kitchen cabinet: Aluminum LED strip by SGi Lighting

Open office space: Black Wall mounted LED Cylinder by LSI Industries

High ceiling: Clear Nitro LED suspension by Amerlux

Walkway: Black CYL6 LED cylinder pendant by Liteline Corporation

Bathrooms: CB5400 wall sconce by Visa Lighting

Other areas: Sigma S23995 recessed pot-lights by Liteline Corporation, ATF7134 track light by Liteline Corporation, Guida Running Man by Beghelli, and LMDM-101 Digital Dimming Wall Switch by Legrand