Waterloo Eastside Branch Library

Project Details

Architect:  John MacDonald Architect Inc.,  Ward 99 Architect Inc.
Lighting Design/Specifier:  Marcia Hart Hayes LC,  Vanderwesten and Rutherford Associates Inc.
Manufacturers:  Axis
Photography:  Design SQ

The Waterloo Eastside Branch Library is the newest library in Waterloo. As an extension of the RIM Park Manulife Sportsplex, this library is a vibrant, contemporary space designed to reflect the community that surrounds it.

Alongside Marcia Hart Hayes LC, John MacDonald Architect, Ward 99 Architect Inc., and Vanderwesten and Rutherford Associates Inc., Salex had to opportunity to light up the space using a variety of Axis fixtures. Curvy Axis linear fixtures were chosen for the entry into RIM and Library to encourage a sense of curiosity and fun. Circular fixtures intertwined together in the children’s area were chosen to highlight the area and intrigue the kids to have a seat and read a book. Linear fixtures throughout the Library space were chosen to run parallel with the metal ceiling and to prevent glare on tops of shelving units, while providing the proper foot-candles at the bottom of the shelves. The gaming area also used linear fixtures along the angled ceiling and down the walls at different lengths. Axis Stencil was installed within coves and clearstory to highlight areas in a discreet manner so as to illuminate the space without seeing any luminaires. The back of house space consists of mainly 2’x2’ Axis Aura luminaires to provide a consistent level of lighting through office space, staff room, locker room and book return.