Salex Illuminates an Iconic North American Landmark

We are thrilled to announce that we have won a global competitive bid to upgrade and enhance the lighting of the Niagara Falls. 

The project, which will feature cutting-edge LED technology, is the first upgrade in over 20 years. The Niagara Falls Illumination Enhancement Team, spearheaded by Salex president Nick Puopolo, is comprised of several prominent lighting and construction industry leaders. The team represents local, Canadian and American companies on this international endeavour, and includes: Michael Smolyansky, Applications Manager, Salex; Paul Boken, VP and Alan McIntosh, Senior Designer of Mulvey & Banani Lighting; Ed Gesch, President of ECCO Electric; Ron Foley, Scenework; and LED lighting products manufactured by Stanley Electric.

The proposed solution will dramatically improve the visitor experience by boosting the average lighting levels by up to three times and sufficiently improving the lighting’s overall uniformity. The new lighting system will allow for a universal control protocol, creating endless possibilities when it comes to scalability of the system. The integration of custom user interfaces can also provide the ability for the public to interact with what is projected onto the Falls. In addition, the new lighting will also help to reduce the Falls’ current energy consumption by 60 per cent.

The newly installed lights will be unveiled to the public on the evening of December 1st, 2016.

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