Salex Supports After Breast Cancer 7th Annual Pink Diamond Gala, Helps Raise $112,000

Salex is proud to give back to our community, and recently sponsored the after BREAST CANCER 7th annual Pink Diamond Gala. Hosted at Toronto’s renowned Liberty Grand Entertainment Complex on Sunday, September 22, over 475 guests attended to support this great cause. 

The Gala was a huge success, raising awareness on the after Breast Cancer Care cause, and contributing $112,000 to help survivors overcome depression and become reacquainted with their new bodies.

after BREAST CANCER is a Canada-wide charity dedicated to supporting and celebrating those affected by breast cancer. Most people believe that surviving breast cancer treatment is the end of the battle, but in fact, it’s just the beginning of the healing journey. Many aren’t aware that after treatment, breast cancer survivors face numerous physical, emotional, and financial challenges. Countless women struggle to re-establish themselves in the workforce; manage chronic health issues resulting from treatment; instate new healthy lifestyle habits; overcome depression; and become reacquainted with their new bodies.

Salex is proud to support this worthy cause. To find out more information or to donate to this cause, please visit