We are excited to announce that Salex SW is now on Instagram and LinkedIn! To celebrate the launch, we have teamed up with Signify for a fun contest designing custom 3D printed luminaires. There are three prizes with the top prize valued at $1000. All design firm clients of Salex are eligible to participate. The contest begins on September 9th, 2021 and will be closed on October 31st, 2021.Learn more about 3D printing here.

How to enter:

  1. Design a 3D printed luminaire here.
  2. Save your design as an image.
  3. Download the social post templates.
  4. Design your social post. Feel free to get creative with repeat images, or embedding in an application photo.
  5. Post on Instagram or LinkedIn or both! Include the following in your caption:
    a. Required text: “I/we just designed this fully recycled 3D Printed Luminaire for the #SalexSW3DContest
    b. Briefly tell us what space the fixture was designed for and why this design.
    c. Required text: “Interested in designing your own? Check it out at tailored.lighting.philips.com.”
    d. Tag @SalexSw and @SignifyCanada
    e. Hashtags: #3Dprinting #3DprintingbySignify #SalexSW #Sustainability


Official contest rules and prizes 

Entry guide and tips

Post templates